South Jersey Lawyers for Divorce Mediation

South Jersey Lawyers for Divorce MediationIf you’re looking to amicably split with your ex-spouse and are searching for South Jersey lawyers for divorce mediation, try calling Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters. We are centrally based in Woodbury, NJ, and we assist separating couples with mediation agreements that are best for all concerned, especially children of divorcing parents. We keep your information confidential and help you achieve legal solutions so that you and your ex can remain cordial in your post-divorce relationship.

As you probably know, the more contentious a divorce is, the worse it is for both parties. The divorce can drag on seemingly endlessly, constantly causing you great stress and rising fees and costs. Two parties that can’t work out the differences are only causing themselves more pain, and if they have children, it makes things stressful for them too.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation in South Jersey

Divorce mediation is a far less expensive and contentious way for two married partners to part ways. The mediator does not take a side and works to keep the two parties focused on resolution. He or she will help you both arrange for distribution of property, child custody and visitation agreements, child support and additional financial factors such as retirement and taxes. When disagreements arise, the mediator intervenes to keep the two parties focused on an agreeable solution.

South Jersey lawyers for divorce mediation must be aware of ever-changing state laws regarding aspects like taxes, family law statutes and courtroom procedures. At Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters, our attorneys have a great deal of successful experience dealing with family law matters, including alimony, child custody and support, pre-nuptial agreements and more. We can help you both save a great deal of expense and stress in finalizing your divorce, and help you and your children move forward with your lives.

If you and your ex are unable to resolve your differences, it’s a wise choice for both of you to agree to meet with a mediator to resolve your disagreements. Two contentious, disagreeable parties can drag a divorce through courtrooms and litigation for months, causing great expense and psychological pain. Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters can help you both achieve a fair result with far less stress. Contact us today for a consultation, and see how we can save you time, money and your future.