Lawyers in Pitman NJ

Lawyers in Pitman NJIf you have a need for experienced and dedicated lawyers in Pitman NJ, contact Puff & Cockerill law offices. Our firm has been serving Gloucester County residents for over 40 years from our Woodbury office, and we’ve recently expanded to a new location on Broadway Street in Pitman. Puff & Cockerill is committed to the best legal results for you, at a reasonable and proportionate cost.

Our Pitman NJ attorneys can assist you with litigation, transactional and counseling services in several major practice areas:

Estate Law. Puff & Cockerill can help you with vital estate planning in the event of a family member’s death or incapacitation, whatever your economic standing. Our attorneys can also represent you in estate disputes, including contested wills and misappropriated assets. Estate law is extremely emotional and personal, and we value a close relationship with our clients and their families in the process.

Family Law. Our attorneys are experts in litigating and negotiating cases involving divorce, custody, pre- and post-nuptial agreements and other areas. We help you through the emotional stress of family law disputes, while seeking the best solution for you through litigation or alternative dispute resolution. Many times, we find more cost effective alternatives to litigation, lessening your financial and emotional burden.

Real Estate Law. The real estate attorneys at Puff & Cockerill can represent you in residential and commercial property sales, landlord/tenant disputes, breach of contract, fraud and other situations. Our legal team has a thorough understanding of complex New Jersey real estate laws and can effectively protect your rights. We have successfully represented multiple homeowners and condo associations in southern New Jersey.

Whatever your need for lawyers in Pitman NJ, Puff & Cockerill is here to help. Feel free to use this form to e-mail us your questions or request a consultation. We look forward to helping you get through your legal challenges and get on with your life.