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What happens If You Die Without A Will In New Jersey?

die without a will in New Jersey

A common question our estate planning attorneys at  Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters, LLC receive is: What happens if you die without a will in New Jersey? The short answer is that your estate will be administered according to the intestacy laws of New Jersey. This short answer, however, is not so easily met in practice. […]

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Life Insurance Policy Tips

life insurance policy tips

As we enter the New Year, it is important to review your life insurance policy (or policies) to ensure that your premiums are timely paid in full.  Following a recent New Jersey court decision, it is particularly important that you do not allow your life insurance policy to lapse for failure to pay your premium.  […]

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What Happens When My Parents Die With Debt?

What Happens When My Parents Die with Debt

A common question asked by our clients is: what happens when my parents die with debt? The answer is, generally, you are not liable for your parents’ debt unless you have personally co-signed a loan or account with your parent. Without co-signing on your parents’ debt, the debt becomes part of your parent’s estate. Download […]

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