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Gloucester County Estate Law, Family Law and Real Estate Attorneys

Puff & Cockerill is a Gloucester County law firm based in Woodbury, New Jersey. Our attorney’s provide litigation, transactional and counseling services in all of the firms major practice areas, including estate law, family law, elder law, real estate law, business law, consumer law, personal injury law, workers’ compensation law, and municipal court violations.

For over 35 years, Puff & Cockerill has been dedicated to serving clients throughout New Jersey, including Gloucester County, Camden County, Burlington County, Cumberland County and Salem County. Our clients include individuals, families, estates, small and mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs.

At Puff & Cockerill, we approach the practice of law by providing client-based representation, tailoring legal solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We strive to provide pragmatic and candid advice to our clients, to handle all matters efficiently, and to obtain the best result at a cost that is reasonable and proportionate to the matter at issue. Our difference comes from a strong connection to our clients, to each other, and to our community. Having such strong relationships – with our clients and each other – means we are able to offer the service of a boutique firm with the strength and expertise of a large-city firm.

Our local Gloucester county attorneys offer a wide range of expertise and experience in local, municipal, state and federal laws that govern the State Courts of New Jersey and the United States District Court, District of New Jersey. Together, our firm, our attorneys and our staff feature a depth of knowledge and skill, approaching each case uniquely, individually and professionally.

Puff & Cockerill is a Full Service Law Firm

Advance Medical Directives

Advance Medical Directives

Advance Medical Directives outline the type of medical care that you want in the event that you become incapacitated due to an illness or accident. A person is incapacitated if they are impaired by mental illness or deficiency, physically illness or disability, development disability, or other causes to the extent... read more

NJ Unsafe Driving Violation

NJ Unsafe Driving Violation N.J.S.A. 39:4-97.2

New Jersey unsafe driving violation. What does it mean and why is it important to understand the law. Over the past 35 years, our firm has represented hundreds of clients who received traffic tickets for violations of the New Jersey traffic laws. New Jersey traffic tickets can involve an assessment... read more

New Jersey Driving Points System

New Jersey Driving Points System

In New Jersey, driving is a privilege, not a right. Your privilege to drive is subject to continued adherence of the State’s traffic laws. Violating the traffic laws, whether it is one motor vehicle conviction or repeat offenses, will have consequences. The consequences range from fines, to points assessed to... read more


Things to Know When Filing for Divorce

When filing for divorce there are things you should know before starting the process. Do you know what your mortgage payment and property taxes are? Do you know who your mortgage company is? These are just two of the many basic questions that are discussed during the initial interview process... read more

consequences of social media

Consequences of Social Media When Involved in a Lawsuit

You must know the consequences of social media when you are involved in a lawsuit. When you are involved in a lawsuit of any type, whether it is a personal injury case, divorce, or settling your parent’s estate, it is essential to understand the reality of our current social media... read more

medical expense benefits

NJ Drivers Should Know Their Medical Expense Benefits

New Jersey drivers should know what their medical expense benefits are before they are involved in an automobile accident, because by then it is too late. Our firm and this author have represented hundreds of clients who were injured in car accidents. Unfortunately for the majority of our clients, the... read more