South Jersey Eviction Attorney for Renters

South Jersey Eviction AttorneyIf you are a tenant facing being expelled from your home or business location and need a South Jersey eviction attorney for renters, call the offices of Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters today. We are centrally based in Gloucester County near the courthouse, and we assist tenants in real estate law matters throughout the region.

Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters has been serving clients throughout South Jersey for over 35 years, and we offer a wide variety of real estate law services for individuals and small to mid-size businesses. Our goal is the best possible outcome for you at a reasonable and proportionate cost.

The possibility of being evicted from your home or place of business is stressful enough. It’s important to understand your legal rights as a tenant. There may be disputes over whether your landlord has just cause for eviction, how your security deposit is handled, and whether a landlord has been compliant with legal statutes in their eviction proceedings. Many landlords do not fully understand their legal obligations regarding lease renewal or enforcing lease provisions.

Your Experienced South Jersey Tenant Eviction Lawyers

You need a law firm with knowledge and experience on your side. At Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters, we have over 30 years of experience in real estate law. Our real estate law team represents tenants and businesses in most all types of transactions and litigation. We are prepared to defend your legal rights as a tenant.

As a South Jersey eviction attorney for renters, we represent clients in matters of:

Landlord/Tenant Disputes
Breach of Contract Litigation
Property Defect Disputes
Condominium Law
Homeowners Associations Issues
Non-Disclosure Disputes
Consumer-Fraud Disputes
Specific Performance of the Contract by the Breaching Party

Don’t face the possibility of being evicted from your home or place of business without fighting for your legal rights. Contact the attorneys at Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters today to arrange a consultation or use this form to e-mail us your questions. We look forward to helping resolve your dispute and live a worry-free life again.