Passport Information

passportIf you are intending to travel internationally, you always need to check your passport to make sure it has not expired.

In the greater Philadelphia area we are fortunate that the United States Bureau of Customs has an emergency facility located at 200 Chestnut Street, Room 103, Philadelphia, PA 19106. (I understand there are only a few such facilities in the U.S.)

In the event you have less than two weeks to get your passport updated, you are not totally out-of-luck in the event you can travel to downtown Philadelphia or New York City to get your passport renewed.

You will need to take your old passport, a new picture meeting the requirements for the passport, and your driver’s license and a credit card and yourself to the office.

I can only tell you of my recent experience which was that one day prior to our department to St. Kitts (January of 2017), my wife noticed that while her passport had been renewed, mine had not. I traveled to Philadelphia early Friday morning and was able to get my passport renewed. There also is a place to have your passport picture taken immediately across the street from the office of the United States Customs where you can get a picture taken in the event you do not take the proper picture with you.

There are also some people on the internet who can help you and they charge a fair amount of money for assisting you when the best, fastest way is simply to drive yourself to your closest office.

You may also use the United State Bureau of Customs, in Philadelphia and New York City, if you are traveling outside of fourteen days. For more information, please visit:

Additionally, you are cautioned to check the U.S. Passport website as well, which is