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Gloucester County Law FirmThe Gloucester County law firm office of Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters, run by Jeffrey Puff, is a full-service law firm that can help with any type of Gloucester County personal injury or other legal need. We are based in downtown Woodbury, just three blocks away from the Old Courthouse on Broad Street.

We serve clients in Woodbury, West Deptford, Deptford, Westville, National Park, Sewell, Mantua and more. There is no other general law practitioner in Gloucester County that you need.

Regardless of why you require a law firm, Jeffrey Puff at the full-service law firm of Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters can assist.  This general law practitioner in Gloucester County can help in many ways, including estate law, real estate law and more.

All you need to do is reach out to Jeffrey Puff at the Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters office.  This full-service law firm is the only general law practitioner in Gloucester County you will require.

Are you suffering from an injury that could have been prevented? Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters will investigate your case to determine what caused your injuries and who is liable. Depending on the case, our attorneys handling your personal injury case could possibly speak with witnesses, gather medical records, police reports, and other documentation.

If you face an occasion when you require a lawyer who is familiar with auto accidents and possibly understands the ins and outs of medical malpractice cases, you can count on the Law Offices of Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters, to aggressively fight for your rights and try to resolve your claim as fast as possible.

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