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Glassboro Law FirmsPuff, Sierzega & MacFeeters Law Offices is a Woodbury, NJ based firm providing legal services to clients throughout Gloucester County. We are conveniently located for individuals seeking Glassboro law firms. Our clients include college age individuals, families, estates and businesses, and our 35 years of practice in a wide range of areas enable us to tailor clear-cut legal solutions for your needs.

Anytime you’re seeking legal services, it’s wise to go with a local firm with experience in litigating your type of case or transaction. Experienced local attorneys know what to expect in the courts, and an attorney over time wins credibility. At Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters, we bring that experience and reputation to each client’s needs.

Our Glassboro Law Firm Services

We’ve built a reputation for success in multiple practice areas, including:

Estate Law. Whether it involves estate planning for loved ones in the event of death, litigating estate disputes, or legal guidance for trustees and executors, you will need professional legal representation. Our combined experience of over 100 years drafting wills and challenging disputes in the highest courts of New Jersey enable us to be a zealous advocate for you and your family in the most difficult of times.

Family Law. Puff, Sierzega & MacFeeters Law Offices have provided counsel and litigation services to clients in cases of adoption, assisted reproductive technology, child custody and support, domestic violence and a wide range of other fields. We provide you with well-considered legal guidance, and help to relieve emotional and financial hardships that come from family disputes. When possible, we work to achieve a far less costly alternative dispute resolution.

Real Estate Law. Glassboro law firms need to be appraised of the complexity of New Jersey real estate law. Our attorneys have over 30 years of experience in real estate transactions and litigation, including home and property sales, landlord/tenant disputes, and condominium and association laws among others. Whether you are buying or selling, our experienced team will protect your legal rights through every step of the process.

We also provide legal representation in municipal court violations such as DUI or juvenile crimes involving college students, business and consumer law considerations, and personal injury and worker’s compensation. If you feel you need the services of experienced and successful Glassboro law firms, contact us today for a consultation. Our goal is the best result for you and your family.