As we usher in the new year 2020, it is very important to understand that you should not abbreviate the year “2020” when signing and dating documents as “-20”. For example, if you dated a document, “1/25/20,” anyone could subsequently add any two-digit number after the “20”, which would alter the document to read a date as 1/25/2018 or 1/25/2019. The “20” standing alone can be easily forged or altered.

While this is unique for the year 2020, it is nonetheless imperative that you write out the entire four-digit year 2020 when signing and dating any document. It is important to protect yourself from any potential fraud, scammer, or any unscrupulous individual.

Additionally, with the turn of the new year (and new decade), it is important to revisit your estate planning documents, including, your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorneys and Living Wills (also known as an Advance Directive). If you have any questions regarding your testamentary documents or wish to create an estate plan, please contact our office at (856) 845-0011 or by email.