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Acquiring Interest In A Marital Home Purchased Prior to Marriage

interest in a marital home

Acquiring an interest in a marital home in NJ depends on a number of factors. Many clients have posed the question: Do I have an interest in my marital home, even if my spouse owned it prior to the marriage? The short answer is, that depends on the facts of your case. Every case in […]

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Jeffrey Puff brings Bison Statue to his Alma Mater

Puff-Sierzega -MacFeeters Partner, Jeffrey V. Puff, envisions and brings into being a Bison statue at his alma mater, Bucknell University. An article by Bucknell University and a YouTube video highlight the Bison statue’s arrival on Campus and discuss Jeffrey Puff’s leadership in spearheading the Class of 1975’s gift to the University. READ ARTICLE>>>    

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Special Needs Trust – The Keystone of Disability Planning

Special Needs Trust

Who is Eligible for a Special Needs Trust? Commonly, a Special Needs Trust is a trust established by parents or loved-ones who have children who are covered under a disability and are receiving state or federal government benefits. The trust is specifically tailored to permit the parents to furnish some economic benefits to their children […]

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