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Gloucester County Divorce Lawyers

The Gloucester County divorce lawyers at Puff & Cockerill offer experienced legal representation from our convenient Woodbury NJ Offices. Deciding to get a divorce is among the most difficult decisions an individual or couple can make. This choice, whether initiated by you or thrust upon you by your spouse, is just the beginning of a long process. Our family law attorneys strive to provide high-quality, efficient and cost-effective legal representation to our clients who are going through divorce.

We understand that each client’s goals and objectives vary. Accordingly, we pride ourselves on providing individualized divorce planning and representation to fit personalized goals. At all times, we seek a result that is favorable to you. In this context, our experienced attorneys understand the physical, emotional, and often financial drain associated with the divorce process.

In New Jersey, all collateral issues to a marriage must be resolved before a Final Judgment of Divorce can be issued, and your marriage dissolved. These collateral issues may include custody and parenting time for your children; alimony and child support for you and your children; insurances; equitable distribution of your property and debts; and/or a contribution to counsel fees and costs associated with the divorce. These collateral issues may be resolved by way of Agreement and the entry of a Marital Settlement Agreement, or by way of litigation and a decision rendered by the Court. Amicable resolution requires the cooperation and commitment of both spouses to find that amicable resolution.

For litigants who cannot resolve their matters on their own, the New Jersey Courts design the litigation track to foster and encourage amicable resolution before trial takes place.

The Divorce Process

  • Click on our Chart entitled “Anatomy of a Divorce
  • ROW 1: Default: A spouse will sometimes refuse to participate in the divorce process, or ignore attempts at contact from the other spouse’s attorney. In such instances, the matter proceeds by default.
  • ROW 2: Negotiated Agreement without Litigation: Most divorce cases are resolved by way of a Marital Settlement Agreement. If you and your spouse can agree upon all collateral issues without engaging in the litigation process, a divorce can be entered on an “uncontested” basis. The only request made in the Complaint is to incorporate the parties’ Agreement into the Final Judgment.
  • ROW 3: Litigation: In cases where the parties are at an impasse in negotiations, litigation can move the matter along through the Court, to an ultimate resolution. The Court’s process is designed to have parties agree to as much as possible, as far in advance as possible. Free custody and parenting time mediation is offered through the Court, as well as the opportunity to appear at a Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel (MESP). Click here to access our information regarding MESP.

How Long Will it Take?

This is largely up to the litigants themselves. Every case is different. The more cooperative and amicable the parties are, generally the shorter the process will be. The more angry, difficult and contentious the parties are, the longer the divorce will take. The Administrative Office of the Courts has put a 365 day timeframe into their best practices model. While not guaranteed, the Court strives to complete a divorce within one year of the filing of the Divorce Complaint.

How Much Will a Divorce Cost?:

This is largely up to the litigants themselves. Every case is different. The more cooperative and amicable the parties are, generally the more cost effective the process will be. The more angry, difficult and contentious the parties are, the more expensive and costly the divorce will be.

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Message to Our Clients Amid Coronavirus OutbreakWe are open for business

Given the current circumstances associated with the coronavirus outbreak, we are providing an update of our operations. We are open for business.  To ensure the safety of our employees and clients, we have a skeleton crew of essential staff at our Woodbury Office, with the remaining attorneys and staff available for remote operations.

We remain available by phone and email as normal.  Our attorneys and staff working remotely have full access to our computer systems.  While we cannot, at this time, field personal meetings, we are available to discuss by phone and email.  Fortunately, Puff & Cockerill has a full access system to allow our attorneys and staff to work remotely to continue to assist our clients.

We stand ready to assist all of our clients and welcome any new clients to contact our office at 856-845-0011 or at  Our staff will field your call and direct you accordingly.

We will continue to address any changes to our state and local mandates amid the coronavirus outbreak.  Our thoughts are with everyone impacted and wish everyone health and safety.